Activities related to the Coffee/UCC Sector Support Project

- Feasibility study and inventory of coffee cultivation in South Kivu, Kabare and Walungu territories (in preparation) - Establishment of community nurseries and distribution of seedlings for the 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 campaigns (+20,000 seedlings distributed)
- Supervision and monitoring of 750 peasant coffee farmers, for 25 ha of land to be planted,
- Construction of a modern hulling, washing and fermentation station - Integration of a Coffee Processing Unit in the MISOLA Agro-Food Park - Putting in touch with all the actors of the Coffee sector of Kivu

Activities related to the project of support to the modernization of Apiculture in South Kivu «Initiative PROFI-MIEL»

- 2,473 traditional beehives have been installed, including 1,933 inhabited hives (78%) for an annual production of 3.8 tons of honey. - Feasibility study and inventory of the APICULTURE in South Kivu - Identification of the site for the construction of a modern honey house in South Kivu - Training and technical support to the Beekeepers' Peasant Organizations (05 identified POs)
- Distribution of Beekeeping Kits and support to the POs - Construction and equipment of a modern honey house. - Putting in touch the actors of the Honey Sector, notably the producer farmers, the processing and conservation unit, the traders and transporters.

Activities related to the project to support nature conservation and adaptation to climate change

- Support to the CDI and RDP OPs for the setting up of community nurseries for the production of melliferous plants and others - Production and marketing of 23 571 Grevelia plants (14 747), Moringa (200), Plum trees (1825), Pacyflore (2193), Caliandra (2588), Bourgoumesia (1207), Orangier (164), Maezopsis (542), Avocado (105)

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