Coffee Sector Support Project/UCC

A total of 186 households of small-scale farmers (1302 people) are supported in the revival of coffee cultivation, of which 20% are women, 29,595 coffee plants were distributed and sown in 2017-2019, for a total area of 63,113 m2 (6.3 ha).

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Support project for the honey sector

A total of 104 peasant beekeeping households (728 people) are supported in the revival of modern beekeeping, 22% of which are women. 2,473 traditional hives have been installed of which 1,933 are inhabited (78%) for an annual production of 3.8 tons of honey.

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Project to support nature conservation and adaptation to climate change

A total of 23,571 plants were produced by the members. Of the 23,571 plants produced, 20,367 were sold, i.e. 86.4% of the production, for an income of $6,313.7 US.

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Project to support the revival of semi-intensive fish farming

In total, 147 fish farmers are supervised, including 83 active fish ponds and 7.9 ha of potential sites for the development of fish farming.

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Surveillance and Early Warning System Support Project

A total of 06 markets in the territories of Kabare and Walungu are monitored in the monitoring of prices and trade flows for typical markets. Establishment and training of village sentinels for monitoring and early warning on food and nutritional security, publication of monthly information and warning bulletins on food and nutritional security.

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MISOLA Project

Establishment of the UP (Production Unit) of infant flour based on local products (Corn, Peanut and Soya). Validation of the production protocol of the infant flour MISOLA® for the prevention of Global Acute Malnutrition.

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